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My love of the border collie started in 1984 when my husband brought home a beautiful black and white border collie pup to be a companion to our then two sons who were 19 months and 6 months of age.  I had never owned a border collie before only dobermans and poodles, and was amazed at how Lady took care of the boys and how gentle she was with them.  When we moved to the Gold Coast we were unable to bring Lady with us so she stayed with our neighbours who fell in love with her and didn't wish to part with her once we were in a position to give her a home again....so I then went out and purchased Bonnie from Shonaway Border Collies,  Bojak started from  Bonnie our black tri and Jackson our black and white male.  My friend, Robyn was also won over by the border collies and has been a wonderful part of Bojak...helping wherever possible. 

We have met some wonderful people through our border collies....some breeders who have been very helpful in assisting us to learn more about the breed and many many wonderful people who have bought our pups and given them wonderful, caring homes.  Both Robyn and I have remained very good friends with many of the people who have come to buy a pup and this doubles the joy of producing lovely border collie pups to fulfill the lives of others.

A valuable part of breeding is being willing to  listen to others about their experiences as there are some very valuable lessons to be learnt from people whose main aim is to improve this lovely breed, the Border Collie. Always bear in mind that no-one knows it all and that the only way to learn is from the experience gleaned by other breeders. We are all border collie lovers and want what is best for the breed.

We have raised our children around border collies and have never experienced any problems...the secret to a great dog is to socialise them from 8 weeks with people and other animals...this removes any fears thus ending a possibility of fear biting. Having once owned (or been owned by) a border collie, most people would never have another breed. A well kept border collie is beautiful to behold and they have an exuberance for life which is contagious. If you decide a border collie is for you I wish you all the very best for you will fall in love with this breed.

Bonnie our foundation bitch who passed away at 13 years in 2003
Bonnie our foundation bitch who passed away at 13 years in 2003
Jackson now 13 ... still looking good.
Jackson now 13 ... still looking good.

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